Public Media Management, the cloud-based content distribution and master control solution from WGBH + Sony

  • Content Acquisition
  • Quality Assurance
  • Content Delivery
  • Software & Hardware Monitoring
  • Stream Monitoring

The workflow of every department - traffic, development, production, graphics, accounting, programming, and master control - is smoother than ever with PMM.

Windell Wood
Director of Engineering Alabama Public Television

What is PMM?

PMM Content Acquisition Workflow

Diagram of the PMM content acquisition workflow
NOC server

The PMM Network Operations Center

The PMM NOC is a state-of-the-art facility operated by WGBH in Boston, staffed by expert personnel and equipped with high levels of redundancy to ensure no single point of failure. The NOC records most nationally distributed public television content, from PBS, APT, NETA, BBC, Acorn, EPS and other PTV distributors. We check this content for quality, prep it for broadcast, and deliver it to the PMM Cloud.

The NOC also monitors the health of the hardware and software at your station, as well as your on-air streams with 24/7/365 exception reporting.

PMM leverages highly efficient cloud technology

  • Managed by Sony's Ci Cloud service with a simple web interface accessible from any device
  • Hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS™), world renowned for high security, high reliability, and high availability
  • No costly dedicated fiber deployment
Blue PMM cloud
Node server

A single rack of hardware housed at your station includes everything you need to play out your channels:

  • HD/SD servers
  • Branding
  • Storage
  • Automation

Working in conjunction with your Myers ProTrack system, the PMM Node automatically downloads ready-to-air national content from the cloud as you schedule it, eliminating costly and repetitive labor-intensive tasks at your station. Built-in disaster recovery provides storage for up to 30 days of content. So even if your IP network connection goes down, you're still on the air.

As a result (of PMM), Maryland Public Television is on target to save approximately $2 million over of the course of
our contract.


Chief Technology Officer Maryland Public Television

Welcome to your PMM Node

The first immediate and obvious benefit of PMM was the improved on-air look, which the new graphics capabilities provided. Not having to make a major investment in automation and archiving equipment also had a very positive impact on our budget. We are looking forward to using cloud storage for most of our local archive needs.

President and CEO WYES-TV

PMM Benefits

PMM Financial Case

Significant capital avoidance

Eliminates the need for a master control refresh at your station, which can represent up to a seven-figure capital expense.

Affordable monthly fee

An operating expense that will not escalate* during the life of the contract keeps costs down while allowing you to plan long-term.
*not including optional PMM Archive

Inclusive vendor service agreements

Monthly fee includes service agreements for software and hardware systems, all required parts and labor, even updates and patches.

Minimizes costly local storage

With national content stored in the PMM cloud, your station's need for local storage is greatly reduced.

Eliminates fiber dependency

Uses a dedicated 100 Mb internet connection; costly fiber commitment not required.

Saves space and energy

Resides in just one equipment rack on your premises.

CPB incentive grant eligible

Your station may qualify for the CPB incentive grant of $150,000.

PMM Archive


Automated by Myers' Media Asset Management (MAM), which tightly integrates Myers' ProTrack and the PMM Archive.


Seamless integration with your PMM Node
- and current local storage (as needed).


Replaces your local storage capital expenses with one monthly fee. Tiered according to your storage needs, the fee also includes service agreements, parts, labor, even software patches and upgrades.


Prepares local content for use on digital platforms.


Applied services in the cloud such as captioning and transcoding allow your station to take advantage of additional efficiency and savings.

Reliable & Secure

PMM's cloud media platform runs on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS™); the choice of a who's who of corporate and government customers.

Future Proof

Public cloud, internet delivery system will allow PMM and its clients to optimize ATSC 3.0 strategy and opportunities. PMM is a sIX Interconnection alpha site and will be completely sIX ready and compatible.

PMM Cloud

Cloud distribution for PMM is managed by Sony's Ci media platform, which runs on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS™), world renowned for high security, high reliability and high availability. The PMM cloud automatically stores ready-to-air content that is part of the PBS national broadcast schedule as well as most major public television distributors.

Content Packages

As a special added benefit for public television stations that are part of the PMM family, PMM clients now have access to classic Sony Pictures movies from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s - chosen with the public television audience in mind.

PMM is breaking new ground again, proving we are much more than just your traditional broadcast only master control solution. PMM has obtained the broadcast rights to the beloved BBC drama Lark Rise to Candleford, available at no additional cost to PMM members.

At WHUT, we think of ourselves as a media business. That's why a PMM benefit like the movie package is a perfect fit for us, and it's exactly why WHUT joined forces with powerhouses like Sony & WGBH.

Jefferi K. Lee General Manager WHUT

While PMM was designed and integrated by the experts at Sony and WGBH, the individual components come from best-in-class third party vendors

To learn more about PMM, please contact:

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